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Usd vs Yen

Strong uptrend still intact along with the momentum upward structure,while we getting closer ahead of the fomc meeting in december expect 124.00 should be breakout for 125.00 at least and next potential target should be around 127.00/128.00.take note for the market on the last week of december,should be volatile and some profit taking may happen.every pulback into 120.50---121.50 should be good buying opportunity.Add more buy at 123.00 and 124.20.Also don't forget non farm payroll report next week and end of november month may give some volatility.

current market price 122.60.Invalidation below 119.00. Trading duration 2weeks to 3month.

Good luck!

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usd vs chf

projection towards 0.9180---0.9200...invalidation 0.8920...good luck!

euro vs yen

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short term view for euro yen

below 140.00 looking a dip towards 138.60---138.80 zone while above 140.00 expose price towards 141.00..

euro vs dollar

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longer run view for the single currency...

The single currency still playing inside bigger triangle...prefer to sell untill meet 50% target even till hit the lower triangle line about 1.21++.....invalidation above 1.3900....first target should be 1.3030...2nd 1.21++ and the max target with confirmation solid breakout triangle pattern its around 1.2000.where trading price below expose towards 2854pips from 1.3900=1.14++..Trading duration 6month to 1years.ok masuk gua balik..jumpa lg 6bulan...good luck:)

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currently selling towards 95.20 tp1...94.30 tp2...93.00 tp3.stop loss 96.70.
good luck

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while 94.40 hold expect 1more collapse towards 88.80--90.80 zone....
key level 92.20....94.40.....

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buy low 1640----1645 for 1700 1st target...

2nd target 1900...

stop loss 1638.00

trade duration 3 to 6month